How to Know if Coding is a “Good Fit” for My Child?


By Cody Sugarman -

Since our founding in 2015, this has been one of the most common questions Brandon and I have received from parents deciding whether to enroll their child in Code Sleep Repeat

While skills like reading, writing, and mathematics have been accepted as fundamental abilities of children in the K-12 school system, there is a lingering stigma that programming is just “too technical” for some students.

This is wrong.

While the idea of learning what seems to be an entirely new skill can be daunting, our experience launching Code Sleep Repeat has taught us the following:

It’s not WHAT you learn. It’s HOW you learn and WHO you learn from.

The importance of WHAT you learn:

Unfortunately, there is currently a deficit of coding curricula across K-12 schools and the standard AP CS curriculum does a poor job of getting students excited about learning to code.

At Code Sleep Repeat, we build our curricula on a project-based model that allows students to build real-world products and see just how impactful a few lines of code can be.

The importance of HOW you learn:

We know the impact a great teacher can have on a student’s approach to learning and we place a major emphasis on hiring the best when it comes to our instructors.

We think of our teachers as “mentors” and exclusively hire undergraduates from top Computer Science universities including Stanford, MIT, and Columbia. This is because these students tend to be the most passionate, act as incredible role models to our students, and perhaps most importantly are themselves still learning

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Cody Sugarman

Co-founder, Code Sleep Repeat

B.S. Computer Science, Stanford University


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