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Code Sleep Repeat Privacy Policy

Please read the Code Sleep Repeat Privacy Policy below as it reflects Code Sleep Repeat’s methods of data collection, aggregation, and destruction. If you have any questions or concerns you can reach the Code Sleep Repeat support staff at:


The Code Sleep Repeat (“Code Sleep Repeat, “we”, “us”) company, website, and associated services are meant to provide coding tutoring and training sessions to young children to young adults via training camps or one-on-one tutoring provided throughout the calendar year.

We post our hours and contact information on the Website and encourage you to contact us during regular business hours to resolve questions or issues that you may have with this Privacy Policy.


When you browse the Website, provide your information, or contact us your information may be collected.

This collection of data may be stored in the aggregate or individualized, depending on what is collected.

For specific information that you provide for your account, including age, email address, name, personal address, phone number, or other information that can be Personally Identifying Information (“PII”), we do our best to safeguard the information and utilize it solely to fulfill the purpose of our website and services.


When you create an account or apply to participate in one of our programs, we collect the following information:

  • Student’s Full Legal Name
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Student’s Grade Level
  • Student’s High School
  • Student’s Self-Rated Computer Science Skill
  • How You Heard About Us
  • Primary Guardian’s Email Address
  • Primary Guardian’s Phone Number

The foregoing list may be updated from time to time as we adjust what information we need to acquire in order to provide a full and complete service to you. It is strongly our preference to keep the information acquired to a minimum amount.


When applicable your e-mail that you provide us may be utilized for our marketing purposes. We may contact you to make you aware of specials, deals, and other opportunities. Additional information may be collected through tracking beacons, cookies, and retargeting applications, which will follow you after you leave our Website and provide information to our marketing partners. Such information may be transmitted and assist our marketing partners and us in enhancing the advertisements you see.

Your information may be utilized to verify your identity and assist us in providing services to you.


When you provide us with personal information for a specific purpose you consent to our collecting such information and our using it for that purpose as well as other, future and unidentified purposes. If you change your mind after opting in, you may withdraw your consent for us to contact you, for the continued collection, use or disclosure of your information, at any time, by contacting us at


We may disclose your personal information if we are required by law to do so or if you violate our Terms and Conditions. We will disclose your information if law enforcement demands it or if we reasonably believe you are engaged in criminal activity or the life, health, and safety of a person is in danger. When possible we will notify you of requests for your information, unless prohibited by law or court order.


Our website may utilize a variety of trackers or retargeting apps. Such third-party materials may have built in trackers, broadcasting materials, scraping programs, or other programs that are not covered by this Policy.


Should you leave our Application or are redirected to a third-party website or application, you are no longer governed by this Privacy Policy. As such we will not be liable for any data or personal information that may be exposed on third party platforms. When you click on links on our website or services, they may direct you away from our site. We are not responsible for the privacy practices of other sites and strongly encourage you to read their privacy statements.


To protect your personal information, we take reasonable precautions and follow industry best practices to make sure it is not inappropriately lost, misused, accessed, disclosed, altered or destroyed. Any PII will be protected to the best of our ability and only disclosed to those who need it.


We recognize that California has passed the California Consumer Privacy Act (“CCPA”), which provides specific rights to consumers. It is our goal to comply with the requirements of the CCPA when possible. California residents may contact us and assert they are a resident of California, request a copy of their PII that may be on record, request that we cease and desist any monetization of their information, and request deletion of their PII. Should such deletion render us unable to provide services to you, your account may be locked or permanently closed. You may contact us at Please be aware we may request proof of identity in order to prevent scams, fraudulent activity, or skimming activity.

If you are in a U.S. jurisdiction that has same or similar consumer privacy rights as California, you may contact us and we will do our best to accommodate your rights as stated in your jurisdiction. We reserve the right to request proof of identity in order to protect the PII of account holders.


As of October 2019 we do not intend to provide services to those outside of the United States and its territories. E.U. residents who access our site and services are asked to abide by U.S. law or immediately exit the website and cease and desist all interaction with our services. Notwithstanding the foregoing residents of the European Union may contact us and request a copy of their information. You may request deletion of such information. We do not collect information that is religious, political, or otherwise requires an E.U. point of contact or a Data Point of Contact. You may contact us at


When creating an account, students must have their parent or guardian’s express permission to participate in our services. We retain the right to contact parents or guardians on an as-needed basis, and will ensure they have our contact information in the event of an emergency.

Minors who create an account with our website or utilize our service are representing that they have such permission and their parent or guardian has given leave for the activity.

In the event a parent or guardian requests deletion of a minor’s account or information, we will request proof of identity before processing the request.


We reserve the right to modify this privacy policy at any time, so please review it frequently. Changes and clarifications will take effect immediately upon their posting on the website.

If we make material changes to this policy, we will notify you here that it has been updated, so that you are aware of what information we collect, how we use it, and under what circumstances, if any, we use and/or disclose it.

If our website or services are acquired or merged with another company, your information may be transferred to the new owners so that we may continue to provide such services to you. In such instance we will notify you of the transfer of material.

If you would like to: access, correct, amend or delete any personal information we have about you, register a complaint, or simply want more information please contact our support staff at  



As reflected above, we try to be transparent and honest with our customers. To that end, our policy is to make you aware of what cookies we use and how they function so that you can make an informed choice to permit cookies or not.


Despite the delicious sounding name, cookies are not actually edible. In layman’s terms, they are electronic bits that store on your electronic system, be it computer, phone, or pad. These bits then track your movements and send validation credentials as needed when you are utilizing the website. If you’ve ever pressed “Remember Me” on your email login, you consented to the long term storage of cookies that let the email provider know that the person accessing the email, from that device, wanted to be remembered and permitted access.

Specific cookies that are utilized are those associated with Google Analytics for the storage of session data, including what page you travel to within our website, how long you were on the site, and how you interacted with the materials presented on the site. These cookies are aggregators in nature and do not specifically follow or acquire personal information. We also utilize Facebook Pixel trackers, in order to retarget users that click on our ads. The purpose of these trackers is to assist users in traversing from the site on which the ad is displayed to our site, and logs aggregate data of how many persons come from which sites. This data is aggregated and utilized in order to acquire and interpret market information.


Our cookies self-destruct when a set period of time has elapsed.  However, should cookies and their use reveal personal information about you to use that you did not consent to, our policy is to go ahead and destroy the information. The cookies are for our business use in the aggregate and are not meant to linger or follow you all over the internet.


If in doubt, please email us at and we’ll be glad to address your questions or concerns!