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CSR is a selective programming academy for high-school students developed and taught exclusively by Stanford University graduates and undergraduates.

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About Us

The CSR curriculum requires no prior coding experience – as such we expect our students to be 100% focused and dedicated to learning the material at hand. We look for students who possess a sense of intellectual vitality and are passionate about the dynamic world of technology. Candidates must be comfortable working in teams and demonstrate the desire to collaborate in a fast-paced scholarly enviornment.

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Engineering Ingenuity

At CSR, students learn not only how to ‘write code’, but rather to approach problems within computer science from the perspective of an engineer.

Mastering Teamwork

While CSR students build several unique iOS applications on their own, they also learn the value of teamwork in engineering advanced projects.

Impacting Society

iPhone apps connect people from a variety of backgrounds, and allow them to communicate in unprecedented ways. At CSR, our mission is to inspire the next generation of innovators in this dynamic field.